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Christabel and her team are without doubt the best vet practice I have known. They provided first class treatment for Bunter and helped prolong his life. A BIG thank-you to you all.

Martin Drew

From the first time I meet you as a young vet at Richmond and then followed you around Twichenham you and your vets and staff have given personal service to my pets passed and present Casper and Digby who thanks to your staff is well Rita and Steve 

Rita and Seve Kirk, Richmond

Hi Kevin and Christabel, On behalf of ARC (http://www.animalrescueandcare.org.uk) I would like to thank you for hosting the garden party on Saturday. It was an absolutely lovely event with a super atmosphere, and from what Emily has told me it was also a fabulous fund raiser. Please thank all the staff who worked so hard to make the day go well and also your clients who provided cakes, raffle prizes etc and who came and spent their money. However a particular thank you must go to you both for all your hard work hosting the event, cooking the delicious food, running tours of the pratcice etc. I do hope you were not left with too much clearing up at the end! With very best wishes, Karen -- Karen Hide Animal Rescue & Care karen@animalrescueandcare.org.uk

Karen Hide Animal Rescue and Care (ARC)

Dear Christabel, Emily, Loren and other friends at Twickenham Vets This is just a note to thank you for inviting us to be a part of yesterday’s garden party. There was a lovely atmosphere and so nice for once to be at an event where lots of animals came along too. You did a brilliant job organising it all and we would love to hear your tips on arranging for the weather to be lovely too! Many many thanks from all of us at Hounslow Animal Welfare (http://www.haws-animals.org.uk) Best wishes Heather Chair of Trustees

Heather Walton Chair of Trustees & Lu Covell HAWS

I would like to thank you for all the care you gave to ollie at the end and the support sadly he could not fight the disease but you were with us at the end and made it so peaceful. This is the best vets i have used


Thank you so much for all your attention,time,help and support I receive... Special thanks Christabel and Lauren for everything...in Benji's memory... Good bless you girls...

Lorena Rodriguez

We moved vets after so many recommendations and its obvious why. For everyone here, caring for animals is a true vocation. Genuine love, care concern combined with expertise not only putting our four cats and retreiver at ease but also the human element! Its the only veterinary practice Frodo doesnt have to be dragged into. Thank you all so much. Youre the best.

Sarah & Tim, Twickenham

Thank you to all at Twickenham Vets - you provide the most outstanding, friendly, yet professional service to both pets and owners. Can't praise you enough!

Sue McKeon and Graham Walpole, Twickenham

We feel incredibly fortunate to have stumbled upon Twickenham Veterinary Surgery (they came highly recommended via the river walking fraternity). Our crew 4 dogs and our dear old cat Ragz have been given the most wonderful care. Christabel & Wendy are so dedicated and work with a great team. Such a tenderness, vocation and a kind of magic lives at this surgery. We have laughed, we have cried, we have kept the faith. THANK YOU. ALL OF YOU. Julie & Martin Seager.

Julie Seager, Teddington

Thank you Christabel. You went above and beyond expectation when we had problems last weekend with Ollie. Your phonecalls to us, Jaya and Medivet to ensure Ollie was getting the best possible care means to very much to us. He is very much on the mend now (swiped 8 eggs of the side yesterday!) We're so glad that we found you and so very happy with the love and support you give our fur-baby! THANK YOU x

Emily McMahon & Sally King, Twickenham

we would like to thank cristabel ,wendy and all the staff for caring for amy over her last few days you are truly wonderfull.

Barry & Nina Fullarton, Feltham

Thank you so much Laura and Christabel (not forgetting Wendy and all supporting staff) for the kindness shown to us with our beautiful Boy Bruno who we sadly lost on the 11th September 2012 after much illness (diabetic, thioriod and then cancer) so much was done but in the end all in vein. We cannot thank you all enough

Pat Bushnell and Ray Browne, Hampton

I would like to thank all at Twickenham Vets, especially to Wendy and Christabel for looking after Nimrod. Your love, care and dedication towards him are unparalleled. You did everything possible to make him comfortable till the end of his life. Your gentle yet firm guidance helped me to have made the right decision for him, without your kind support I could not have gone through the difficult time. Thanks again, you are the best Vets I have ever known. Emi, Twickenham

Emiko Sako, Twickenham

I cannot praise the surgery highly enough with regards to their service and the amazing advice they give me time and time again. I have had recurring problems with my cat, Maxxie's health and they never fail to provide appointments and advice when I need it. I would not hesitate in recommending them!

Hannah Collins, Twickenham

We've only recently started bringing our lab Ollie to the surgery but on the few visits we've had, myself and my partner have felt welcomed and at ease. All our questions are answered simply and Ollie is treated like he's a superstar - which makes us love the staff even more. Thank you

Emily McMahon, Twickenham

I got to know everyone well when my cat got older, went deaf, and developed gastro-enteritis. Christabel and Wendy looked after both of us with such care and attention - we could not have been in better hands. This is the best place to care for your furry family!

Maggie Walsh, Twickenham

I want to thank all at Twickenham Vets for looking after my cat so well, throughout her illness, and for helping her (and me!) so sensitively at the end. I appreciate the relaxed atmosphere at the surgery where I never felt rushed in appointments; I like the gentle way they treat their patients, and the fact that they effortlessly remember all about them from one visit to another. The charges are reasonable, too, so that, even though we had to visit often, I felt as much cared for as she was. xx

Susan, Teddington

Christabel is wonderful. She and her staff work tirelessly with Bruno (he is diabetic) and a bit of a mystery at times with his levels - thanks so much for your patience and kindness

Pat Bushnell and Ray Browne, Hampton

I have been taking my dogs to quite a few vets over the years and Crystabel is one of the few very good vets I have found that I could count on one hand with four fingers missing. It makes moving very difficult as finding someone like Crystabel I would say would be verging on the impossible!

Barry Reed, Hounslow

Over the years Christabel (and all her team) have become very good friends. They are so genuine in the care that they give and the compassion that they feel for both pet and owner. I would never go anywhere else.

Sandie Holloway, Hayes

Christabel is not only an outstanding Vet but she is also a genuinely caring and compassionate person. It goes without saying that every single member of her team are equally dedicated to the care of all their clients; those with 4 feet aswell as those with just two !! I highly recommend Twickenham Veterinary Surgery, in my opinion they are the best.

Jane O'Callaghan, Hampton

There are not words of gratitude that I can convey to this wonderful practice, they truly love animals and humans. I lost my dog after 13 years and they were thoughtful, kind and caring. I still have an elderly dog and a puppy now too. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Mandy Scott-Johnson, Teddington

We travel away from our local area to bring our ferrets to you. They are our babies and we trust they are safe when in your hands. The staff are so friendly and welcoming, its like seeing old friends each time you visit! Many Thanks from Frodo, Fizz & Dave!

Laura Cody & Jason Roff, Egham

A wonderful practice with caring staff, recommended.

Sue and David, Richmond

We will always remember your kindness and value your wonderful service to our pets.

Stephen and Sarah, Twickenham

Thanks for helping John recover from his fall. I know John enjoyed his stay with you!

Simon Cheesman and John the Bulldog, Twickenham

We are so impressed with your care and service. Thank You

Mary Taylor, Teddington

Thank you to everyone at Twickenham Vets for being so patient and honest with us at all times. We have recommended you to all our friends and family.

John and Joan Smith, Teddington

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