Online Bookings

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For your convenience, we are able to offer online bookings for routine consultations at Twickenham Veterinary Surgery.

If you are not a client of Twickenham Veterinary Surgery and haven’t visited us before, please provide your registration details first by following this link to our Pet Registration page.

Please note that in order to give a thorough service, we can only see one animal per appointment, so if you would like to make an appointment for more than one pet, simply select the number in the “Number of Pets” box.

If you are new to the surgery or your pet has not yet been seen by a vet at our surgery, it will automatically show the times available that have two adjacent appointments each of 15 minutes. This is to give us the time to meet you and your pet and get to know you both properly.

If you would like to see our vet Christabel, Monday to Friday, then please call the surgery and a member of the team will advise when she is consulting.

Please note that this facility is only for consultations and cannot accommodate surgical appointments. To book an operation for your pet, or to speak to a member of our team about an enquiry, please call the surgery on 020 8898 0528.